Battle of the Stitches 2nd Place Winner!

Battle of the Stitches 2nd Place Winner

Battle of the Stitches 2nd Place Winner

I am so honored to have been chosen as the second place winner in the Battle of the Stitches competition. There were some amazingly talented designers in this round, and to be honest – I was quite nervous when I found out who I was up against! Every single design was beautiful and creative. It has been a real pleasure working alongside them, showing our sneak peeks, and sharing in anticipation! The people in charge must also be credited for their time and dedication! Kate and Stacy were so helpful, answering all of our questions, working out all the kinks we had along the way.

The entire process really stretched me as a designer and pattern writer. I wanted to create something that had interchangeable pieces, that would be useful in lots of ways, and fashionable! When I sat down to begin, I realized that if I designed the hat like I normally would (from top to bottom), the triangle stitches would be upside-down. So I had to design it from the bottom-up. I had never done that before. It took a few trials and errors until it came out perfect. The pattern is 6 pages long – the longest one I have ever typed up. You get patterns for the hat, sash, and Hibiscus flower. The three pieces give you an ensemble that can be worn 5 different ways!

I love the triangle stitch, and if you have never heard of it, here is a link to a tutorial.

CLICK HERE to purchase all of the patterns from this round of Battle of the Stitches and more (25 FUN in the SUN patterns in all). And if you become a new subscriber, your first issue is just $1.99!

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