The Last Goodbye

For a long while now I have felt that something needed to change regarding my business. For one thing, even though I am beyond thankful for the many orders that I receive – I have felt burdened by them. They have been so numerous that my creativity has been pushed aside. When I sit down to work on orders with dread, but my heart’s longing is to create new designs – that’s not where I want to be.

One of the things that has prevented me from making a change (besides the obvious income) is my pride. I have been told so many times I cannot count that my work is the best, that my character hats are spot-on and better than anything else out there, that I am the Queen of Disney hats, etc. It sure can puff a girl up. I KNOW my designs are good. I don’t mind saying that. I set out to make that name for myself, and it feels good.

The main thing – the thing that conked me on the head – is this: What I am doing is against copyright laws. I have been making excuses for myself and my attitude has been wrong. I told myself – and others – “I’ll just keep doing it until they tell me not to.” Well, as a Christian I cannot continue to be in disobedience like this. No matter how good I am at it, I cannot continue to design the spot-on character hats like I have been doing.

This decision has not been reached without pain and difficulty. It’s hard letting go. And even as I type this – my heart hurts, and I am teary. But I know it’s right. My desire is to honor God and not myself.

You will find that all of the detailed “yarn sculpture” hats are now gone from my shop. I will no longer take custom requests to design hats that look exactly like characters who are owned by somebody else. I will sell themed hats, and hats that are not exact replicas – but rather are representations of a character. And I will spend more time designing and writing patterns.

So, if you are the owner of one of my original character hats – hold onto it. There are only a limited number of them in the world, and I won’t be making any more. Who knows – it may be worth something someday ;)

I want to truly thank all of my wonderful customers. The ones who bought new designs at first sight, the ones who challenged me with difficult designs; and the faithful, loyal, repeat customers who always turned to me with their custom crochet requests. I know I may lose followers because of this. In a way I am starting all over. But I hope many of you stick around to see what happens next.

It just so happens that the ending song for the last Hobbit movie – The Last Goodbye – has lines in it that really hit home about what I am doing here:

We came all this way
but now comes the day
to bid you farewell

But I don’t regret
nor will I forget
all who took that road with me

Blessings to all of you,

P.S. All outstanding orders will be fulfilled

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