Fun Sunhat Weekend Project!

The Maui Beach Sunhat Ensemble is a perfect weekend project! And what better time of year for a new sunhat?

Last year around this time I was busy working on this design, which won 2nd place in the Battle of the Stitches.


Reminiscent of a straw hat, with the comfort of cotton, the Maui Beach Sunhat Ensemble will surely become a favorite summer wardrobe go-to. The triangle pattern of the hat is airy, while the brim is nice and thick – for ease of shaping and lots of shade. Versatility is also abounding in this set; the 3 separates can be worn 5 different ways:

  1. hat alone
  2. hat with sash
  3. hat with flower clip
  4. sash alone
  5. flower clip alone

Make it in your favorite color combinations! What are you waiting for? Get the pattern right now for $1 off, and get started on your new favorite summer hat! BUY NOW for just $3.95 – no code required.

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